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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Buy our songs on INDIESTORE!

We have opened up our very own digital store at indiestore.com! So now you can (finally!!!!) get all the songs of our album "...And The Bag Of Cacophony" in digital distribution!

All you have to do is go to our store HERE!


Karins back + 2 summer shows!

The summer is here!!!!!!!!

And our fantastic miss lead vocals came back to Denmark for at short while (shes been in the US since we finished our tour de america)!! And now its time to do alot of practice, try to write some new songs (hopefully good enough to put on our next album!) and play a few shows!

The first show we are playing are at STENGADE 30 friday the 13th of June! And its a show with all (or some?) of the cool bands from our practice space! AND all the money goes to making our practice space a better place :) So show up, listen to good music and support our small fucked up place in the Stengade 30 basement! INFO ON SHOW HERE!

The second show are in BERLIN at at club called OPEN ZOO! And we are looking so much forward to playing there July the 12th! Its going to be an amazing, fantastic, noizy and HOT saturday night at Festsaal Kreuzberg! (OH! and we are lucky enough to do the show with one of the most talented danish girls - our friend Heidi Mortenson!) INFO ON SHOW HERE!

Check out cool, cool, cool Heidis stuff HERE!

More info on The Tuts coming soon!!!!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Det Elektriske Barometer

Yeayy and Hooray. The beatitude's Jump! on this Hierarchy ended up on 6th place on Det Elektriske Barometer (Danish national radio show) top 30 for 2007.
Just bragging

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Album out soon!

Hurra! Our album will be released in Denmark very soon. January the 14th you can go to your local music store and get your copy of "...and the bag of cacophony"! Thats kind of cool!

If you cant wait - then go to our myspace here and download 3 of the songs from the album!

See ya soon....

The Bees